Name: Melissa

Age: 22

Location: Florida


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I do promos daily

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    About me

    The name is Melissa, I’m 22, I live in Florida. My obsession is all things fashion, music, and movies, I have to work because I’m broke as fuck. I have dry humor and am a sarcastic motherfucker literally, I fuck mothers it’s a hobby. I’m in college for Costume Design and Technical Theatre, and sewing is a passion of mine even if I’m too lazy to sew. I was born in Worcester,Massachusetts and I am Hispanic (Puertorican/Colombian). I’m not religious. I love horror, blood, and gore.  And lol I like really androgynous goth guys who think I dress too ‘normal’ so they never talk to me, and metalheads who insult me when they notice the fact I like Marilyn Manson, Katy Perry and Britney Spears. I know I have weird taste.

    Music: I have a wide range (nowhere near my whole list)