Name: Melissa

Age: 22

Location: Florida


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I do promos daily

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    lol selfie , I feel like an asshole and I wear glasses everyday cause I can’t see without them

    It’s official, i’m giving up on men and starting a relationship with a vibrator.

    I look like such an asshole, obsessed with my shoes though <3
    Let’s face it

    I’m too sarcastic for my own good

    love these so much can’t believe I actually bought them hell to the fuck yeah
    costume patterning

    So today I raised my D to B in my costume patterning class which was awesome. I don’t know how I did that lol, my teacher says she has never seen anyone raise two letter grades 3 days… she underestimates my power. I felt I was competing in the costume pattering Olympics, m hands are shot, so many sleeves, skirts, bodices, and collars.

    Me with my madre in Key West on our vacation I don’t always get to see her but when I do its awesome
    Costume Patterning final and Key West

    So I went to key west which was amazing, I love Florida sometimes. Unfortunately its finals week and I was up till 7:30 this morning working on all the Sleeves, Skirts, and Bodices drapes and drafts but I think I just killed my final. One more final to go on Tuesday and then its summer time for me :D.